Sleeping solutions for Christmas guests

Having your family stay over can be a rewarding and cherished time during this season but if you aren’t prepared it can be stressful finding the space for everyone to have a comfortable night’s sleep.

So with that in mind, here are a few solutions that could help you manage with the whole family staying under your roof.

Air Mattresses

More commonly associated with camping, an inflatable mattress works just as well when used in your home. They’re a cheaper option and when deflated are compact and easy to store.

A single mattress is currently £7.49 at Argos – you may also want to invest in an electric pump to save you blowing it up yourself. Find it for £4.99 at Argos.

Sofa Beds

If you’re looking for a solution that needn’t be tucked away in your cupboards gathering dust, then you could opt to buy a sofa bed or futon. Either will work well as extra seating in your home office or spare room while offering an easy and convenient bedding option when needed.

The Lycksele Havet is a great and compact sofa bed from Ikea. Available in three colours, it’s easy to assemble and the cover is simple to remove for washing. Or if the full sofa is a tad too big for your area, you could opt for the chair variation, which is half the size but identical in every other way.

Find the Lycksele Havet for £280 from Ikea. Half size is available for £160.

If you do decide to purchase either the sofa or chair, Ikea have also released two storage boxes which fit snuggly under both and create a convenient space for your linen.

£25 for the larger box, £15 for small

All of these options can work really well but they can sometimes feel slightly stiff when compared to the feel of a real mattress. Investing in a foam mattress topper can radically change the comfort levels of these beds. The Dreamtime mattress and pillow set supports the neck and back and could drastically improve your guest’s night’s sleep.

Currently £19.99 at Argos


You may find choosing the right sofa bed an easy but now you have to think about the bedding. Since most of it will be in storage for the majority of the year, it’s best to avoid paying more than you need to.

Dunelm Mill is a good choice for quality goods and competitive prices. They are currently offering Dorma 4.5 tog duvet sets for £17.49 reduced from £54.99, which is great value and if you’re in need of a quality duvet you won’t find a better deal. Find it here.

When it comes to sheets and linen it can be convenient and cost-effective to buy in full sets. B&M offer a variety of linen sets including: Duvet cover, sheet and pillowcases for very reasonable prices.

Starting from £8.99 at B&M Stores

And when your guests have gone, you could store all of your new bedding and linen in flat vacuum storage bags, available from Argos. Only requiring you to own a vacuum cleaner and reducing the contents by over 50% when used, these bags are great at keeping the linen fresh while also creating a much smaller and more convenient shape for storage.

£11.49 for a 6 piece set


And while it won’t help your guest sleep, the Masterplug could be an essential tool for any guest who may not know your house very well.

Plugging in to any power socket, the Masterplug is a motion sensor light, which switches on when it detects any movement. This little device can help any guests who do not know where your light switches are and can keep them safe from any trip hazards that are masked by the darkness.

£17.01 at Amazon

Do you have any tips for when guests are staying?

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