Slumber Sleep Double Extreme 50 Memory Foam Mattress

Nothing is worse than experiencing a night of tossing and turning. Broken sleep doesn’t just ruin your sleep; it also ruins the day ahead.

“The Slumber Sleep Double Extreme Memory Foam Mattress is the latest in sleep technology for seniors. Quality of sleep is essential for people of all ages, but it’s even more important for those in their twilight years.” Say the UK number 1 supplier’s

The Beauty of Memory Foam Mattress

This cream memory foam mattress is perfect for anyone with existing health problems, as well as those who simply want to stay healthy. Known as NASA foam, this mattress conforms to the contours of your body to provide support and comfort.

Here are some of the ailments it helps to alleviate:

  • Hip, back, and joint problems.

  • Reduces swelling of the pelvic area.

  • Promotes correct spinal alignment.

  • Prevents circulatory problems.

The Anti-Allergy Mattress

If you are sensitive to dust, which is alarmingly common among the elderly, the memory foam mattress is the perfect sleep companion. It is made entirely of inorganic fibres, thus depriving dust mites of anything they might feed off. Conventional mattresses made from cotton are filled with organic fibres, which dust mites are attracted to.

Unlike with conventional mattresses, you will not be sleeping with a stuffy nose or be awakened by a bout of sneezing. For sleepers with other health problems, this can vastly increase quality of life.

Product Breakdown

For just £219, down from the recommended retail price of £420, you get a double mattress with eight inches of memory foam. You know you are purchasing a quality product because it is manufactured in the UK, meaning that it has to adhere to all those stringent fire safety standards.

Perfect for Everybody

Forget laying on countless mattresses and asking questions about what ‘comfort level’ they are. Memory foam is perfect for all body types because the foam alters based on the amount of body heat given off as well as the amount of pressure placed on any given area of the mattress.

When you place an order with us, your mattress comes with free and professional delivery included.

Special Offers for All Orders

If you place an order for a Slumber Sleep Extreme 50, you don’t just get the massive price reductions on offer; you also get the price guarantee. That means if you place an order now and you find the same product cheaper elsewhere, we will match it no matter what.

You will never experience any buyer’s remorse with the Slumber Sleep Extreme 50.


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