Stuff is Great, Safestore and their Collector-friends tell us why

Safestore have been working with Collectors great and small in a series inspired by today’s throw-away culture. The self storage company aims to challenge modern ‘minimalist’ trends which suggest that throwing everything we own away is the key to happiness.

Their discovery of an English eccentric by the name of Gerry Wells opened their eyes to the world of vintage radios and just how, what started out as a hobby collection can turn into a whole museum.

Ever since he was a child Gerry was obsessed with cables, electrical fittings and radios. Gerry made a career by fixing old TVs and radios – he began to collect them while other people threw them away as rubbish.

Years and years worth of radio collection can only mean one thing – space will eventually run out. Most of Gerry’s collection was housed in sheds. As they got fuller and fuller with radios from the ground to the ceiling, Gerry’s solution was easy: build another shed. This went on and on. There are now dozens of interconnected sheds at Gerry’s West Dulwich home, which form the British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum.

Gerry Wells’ legacy can still be enjoyed by visitors today at the British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum. His life reminds us that, sometimes, it takes an eccentric visionary to fully appreciate how great stuff can be. We need more people like Gerry in this world who successfully preserved our past for future generations.

You can view the videos on Safestore’s YouTube channel, Facebook page and Instagram.


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