Winterising your home while you’re away

If you’re heading off on holiday this winter, don’t forget to make sure your home can cope with any unexpected storms or cold snaps.

Darker evenings and prolonged exposure to the elements can put your home at risk while you’re off on holiday.

Here’s a few simple things you can do to winterise and protect your home while you’re gone.

Leave the heating on

While it might seem like an unnecessary expense, keeping your heating on can pay off in the long run. Cold weather can cause your pipes to freeze and burst – leaving the heating on a low setting can help ensure your home’s temperature never drops into the danger zone.

Insulate exposed pipes

Adding insulation to your loft or cellar can help your home retain heat. If you have exposed pipes inside or outside the home, make sure they are fitted with insulating sleeves to prevent freezing.

Service the boiler

There’s no good time for your boiler to fail, including while you’re away and relying on it to keep your home warm. Make sure your boiler is in good working order and consider calling a heating engineer in for a routine service if you’re planning to be away for several weeks during winter.

Bleed the radiators

Before going on holiday is also a good time to bleed the radiators and make sure there’s no water in your heating system that could cause damage while you’re gone.

Unplug appliances

Unplug appliances and turn off plugs to avoid power surges if there is a storm while you’re away.

Use timers and motion sensors

Winter is an easy time for opportunistic burglars to break in to your home, particularly if it appears that no one has been at home for several days. Installing motion sensor lights around walkways and doors will act as a deterrent to anyone who may be creeping around your property while you’re gone. Likewise, leaving a few lights on or setting them on a timer to give the appearance that someone is at home makes it more likely would-be burglars won’t take an interest.

Do you have any tips to winterise your home while you’re away? Let us know in the comments below.


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