Milestone birthdays & how to celebrate them

Whether it’s 50, 60, 70 or 80 candles on the cake, the big milestone birthdays are worth celebrating – it’s a chance to look back on all the wonderful moments in your life and highlight all the positive aspects of ageing.

A big surprise party isn’t the only way to mark the passage of time as the next decade in your life turns over; there are dozens of things you can do to celebrate you birthday in style. Whether planned or spontaneous, extravagant or pared back, we’ve put together a list of ideas to help you mark the next big milestone.

Throw a party

Throwing a party is a classic way to celebrate a milestone birthday – there are endless possibilities of what you could do, from something informal and relaxed to a big event planned months in advance. Think about how you could incorporate moments from your life into the party itself, perhaps through a slideshow of old photographs or by making a playlist of songs you loved as a teenager. A costume party or themed night is another great way to let loose; a Swinging 60s or Psychedelic 70s party will incorporate nostalgia into the celebration, while a special wine tasting or poker night is a chance to indulge in something a little more sophisticated.

Seek thrills

If throwing a party doesn’t qualify as your idea of fun, planning a new experience might be a better option for you. Many people use a milestone birthday as an opportunity to seek thrills and try something truly daring – white water rafting, surfing, sky diving and bungee jumping are all once-in-a-lifetime experiences you could plan to really mark the occasion and make it memorable.

Take a roadtrip  

The famed and fabled Route 66 across the USA is an adventure many of us dream of doing but never actually take. On your next milestone birthday, why not rent a car and head out on the open road; there are famous scenic routes all over the globe, from Australia’s Great Ocean Road to Scotland’s A82 highway that winds through the lush green valleys of Glencoe.

Treat yourself 

A milestone birthday is the perfect excuse to treat yourself and could be the right opportunity to finally invest in something you’ve needed – or wanted – for years. Many people choose a milestone birthday as the moment to buy a sports car, a treasured piece of jewellery or even a rare bottle of whiskey. Treating yourself doesn’t need to be extravagant; it could be as simple as buying a new golf club or some high-end skincare that you can enjoy everyday.

Plan a retreat

Milestone birthdays often cause us to pause and take stock of our lives so far – both the things we’re proud of and the things we want to change. Joining a retreat or conference is an excellent way to make time for something that gets put on the back burner in everyday life – there are fitness and health retreats to help you get back on track, cooking retreats where you can indulge your passion for cooking, or even artist and writer’s retreats to give you the time and space to finally get your masterpiece started. 

Get back to nature

Experiencing the wonders of nature is another way to mark a milestone – if you love to walk, why not plan a more ambitious trek with a few friends or family members? Cycling, walking, hiking and canoeing challenges offer the chance to enjoy the great outdoors and gain that real sense of achievement that comes with taking on a big challenge. If you want a more relaxed pace, a camping trip is another inexpensive idea that can help make your birthday special.

How do you plan to celebrate your next milestone birthday?

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