Avoid that expensive visit to the vet

One of the worst things that can happen to any pet-owner is having to take your beloved pooch, moggy, bunny (or whichever member of the animal kingdom you have chosen to bring into your home) to the vet for treatment and possibly surgery that may or may not even result in their full recovery.

To insure or not to insure

While a typical vet’s bill can run into the hundreds, it’s not unusual for owners to be hit with something closer to a four-figure sum when an accident or serious illness befalls their pet. There seems to be little sense in not having your pet insured when a single visit could cause real damage to your finances. There’s a swathe of information available on the internet about pet insurance and retailers such as Argos and Sainsbury’s have even moved into the market. Best idea is to take a bit of time to shop around for the right deal for you and your pet.

What you can do to keep your pet safe and healthy

There are a few basic rules which probably cover every household pet under the sun. Keep them adequately fed and watered, warm (or hot, if you happen to prefer something a little more exotic) and try to keep all the areas of the house safe. If you own a cat just make sure you have a decent cat flap for it to come and go as it so pleases. If you own a dog, don’t leave it alone for too many hours at a time, give it plenty exercise (it’s good for you too!) and give it a place where it can take cover if it becomes stressed or anxious: canines may well spend much of November 5th in their hidey-hole.

Regular health check

Having a good local vet that you can trust is as important as having complete faith in your own dentist or doctor. Even if your pet seems to be in the rudest of health, it’s a sensible idea to take them along to the vet once a year for a check-up.

Pets will be pets

Ultimately, though, animals are not humans and it’s almost impossible to keep them entirely safe from the hazards of everyday living, both indoors and out. You may have confidence that your dog has developed a fully functioning road sense, but one day they might suddenly dash across a busy street with little else upon its mind than the cat or bird on the other side. The natural wandering nature of cats means that it will be under threat from all manner of dangers.

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