Your New Best Friend; The Perfect Loving Companion

….who never answers back!

Our Silversurfers have found a fantastic way to make a new friend who keeps them busy and is a loving companion who never says a word and is always pleased to see you…

The clocks have changed and the days are getting longer with the plants and trees awakening outside so we all feel that perhaps we should be coming out of our shells too. Isn’t it time we were getting out a bit more and shedding those winter clothes (and maybe even a few pounds too)?

It is of course, easier said than done and the motivation is often lacking especially when the weather report suggests we would be better at home with a nice cup of tea. Dog walking is the perfect way to kick start the new season. There are millions of dog lovers across Britain who always have their best friend by their side encouraging them to get out and about whatever the weather.

Your doctor will tell you the physical health benefits are well established as well as the enormous feeling of companionship and well-being having a dog to share your day with has. But, it is not always that easy. We all lead busy lives and it is not always practical to commit to the responsibility of a dog full time let alone the cost of all the food and possible vet’s bills. There is however an alternative which many dog lovers who can’t commit to their own dog for whatever reason have used as a very convenient solution. Becoming a ‘host’ by looking after somebody else’s dog whilst their owners are away is all set-up and organised by companies who take this often informal arrangement and make it fully safe, insured and easy to take part in without costing a penny.


Stompie in the Spring daffodils and Barbara with Sheltie ‘Robbie


Host Doreen explains that the service has literally been a life changer for her:

‘No more dogs’, I thought, when our lovely Dachshund Sally, sadly died. Suddenly there was complete silence. I’d go shopping, just to pet every dog I walked past, until I saw a small advertisement, ‘seeking hosts for dogs on holiday’. I rang that number, and into my life, came a small army of four-legged friends of all shapes, sizes, colours and personalities, so I need dogs in my life, with their trusting eyes, soft mouths and wagging tails. Barking Mad, you gave me back my smile, thank you!” Doreen

As a dog holiday host you provide a loving home environment where your visitor relaxes and feels safe. Regular exercise and companionship is your part of the deal and the cost, administration and transport is dealt with by the local business owner. There is no need to worry about paperwork or dealing with the customer yourself as that is all taken care of. As the dog host, all you need to do is meet with your local representative and you agree together the type of dogs you like and when you are available to look after them.

Barking Mad dog care host Julie says “I’ve had a great time, with some fantastic dogs to look after. They arrive with everything they need for their holiday and quickly make themselves at home. It gets me out and about meeting people and I never feel alone in the house. I’m always looking forward to the next Barking Mad dog to arrive!”


For information visit Barking Mad

The Barking Mad system is professionally organised and a proven success operating in 67 locations across the UK. If you think that your household would benefit from the pet sitting concept please get in touch on 015242 76476.


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