Plan a Summer BBQ

There are few better ways to spend a summer’s day than getting your family and friends round and firing up your BBQ.

These special days should be fun and stress-free and the best way to make sure this happens is that you plan beforehand so that you can spend the day enjoying it instead of panicking you haven’t done enough.

So here are the best ways to prepare so you can enjoy your day in the sun!

Be prepared

Paper plates and napkins are an absolute must, purchasing slightly more will ensure you’ll not run out and if you’re serving coleslaw or salad you may want to purchase some plastic utensils, so you’re not doing dishes throughout the day!

Also make sure to have a large bin and plenty of bin liners next to the BBQ. This will save you from clearing up everything at the end of the night and if you’re really looking to keep the area clean for the whole day, you could delegate clearing plates to some of your younger guests, which will keep them busy and you could even offer a prize for the best helper!

Obviously having  access to a BBQ is essential but if you don’t have one and are not looking to buy a permanent fixture then most supermarkets offer disposable options that will work well for smaller groups.

Getting the food right

The curse of a great BBQ, which yours is sure to be, is that the better it is the more people will want. When it comes to how much food to buy, estimating higher will make sure you’ll not run short on supplies. Burgers, sausages and chicken are mainstays for any BBQ, with the rule of thumb being around 600 grams of meat per guest with children requiring around half of that amount.

You’ll also want a supply of soft drinks, cold beer and bottled water. Also sometimes forgotten but essential for any great BBQ are an assortment of condiments, including ketchup, BBQ sauce and mayonnaise.

If you’re planning on inviting any vegetarians, you could buy some Quorn sausages or burgers; just make sure that you have a section of your grill dedicated to them so that they do not come in contact with any meat products. Alternatively a selection of grilled vegetables and salads is a great option for everyone to enjoy.

Other activities

Keeping your guests, especially children, entertained is an important aspect of any BBQ. If your garden is large enough offering a space for games such as badminton, Frisbee or softball can be a fantastic way for everyone to get together.

However if you’re working with a smaller area, keeping a table clear for board and card games is great to get the family gathered around.

When it comes to music, buying a small budget Bluetooth speaker such as the Anker is a loud enough option for most soirees. Coupling this with a Spotify account, which you can access from your phone or tablet, will offer you a huge library that will cover any guest’s requests.

If you’re planning on the festivities going long into the night, you’ll want to think about lighting your garden as the sun sets. Tiki Torches can create a great ambience, but having lit flames may be inappropriate if you have any children present. Battery powered LED lights will avoid any potential mishaps while illuminating the area so the party can move into the night.

Remember the British weather

Sunny one minute, raining the next, you never really know what you’re going to get in the UK. When you plan your BBQ, the news may tell you it will be sunny but sadly that is sometimes not always a guarantee.

So if you are worrying about the dark clouds ruining your day, make sure the interior of your house has a dedicated space and a clear table for food and drinks if your party needs to retreat indoors.

What are your secrets to a great BBQ?

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