A Christmas Carol (or two)

Below are two Christmas themed poems written by Suzanne Kelsey:


It was the night before Christmas

And all the shop tills went ting a ling a ling

Last minute presents were bought and wrapped

As Hark the Herald Angles began to sing

A giant inflatable Frosty the Snowman

Sat outside in the dark and Silent Night

He was suddenly untethered by a mighty wind

Joining the Angels from the realms of glory on their flight.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer waited so patiently

His little shiny nose was all aglow

As he Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus

Underneath The Mistletoe.

The families were all arriving

Travelling many miles despite the snowy weather

Assured of a warm welcome from mum and dad

To spend The 12 Days of Christmas altogether

Auntie Flo is supposedly baking in the kitchen

Making a giant brandy filled mince pie

For some strange reason she is staggering about

And appears to be Ding Dong Merrily On High!

Uncle Harold is fixing the Oh Christmas Tree lights

But he is quite likely to cause total mayhem

Unfortunately he seems to have got his wires crossed

And fused the lights in the Little Town of Bethlehem.

Grandma and granddad have already burst out in song

With that old time favourite, Jingle Bells

Their entertainment is really quite first class

Much better than any of the five star hotels.

The grandchildren’s rendition of Away in the Manger

Had everyone of us shedding a tear

But when they sang When Santa a got stuck up the chimney

We all had a laugh and gave them a jolly good cheer

Yes another wonderful festive holiday

Lots of memories to hold dear

So Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

And a very Healthy and Prosperous New Year.




We are always seeking perfection

Most of our adult life

It gives us such a headache

And can cause us lots of strife

We want the perfect job

Fulfilling and well paid

The handsome man of our dreams

A match in heaven made

The perfect wedding day

Followed by an exotic honeymoon

Back to the quaint cottage with roses

And the perfect baby to follow soon

The perfectly well behaved child

And a marriage that will last forever

Luxury family holidays abroad

Paid for on the ‘never never’

But perfection is quite different

If you find yourself imperfectly placed

Your life chances not equal

You are one of the world’s displaced

Living in a terrifying war zone

Witnessing atrocities unspoken

Suffering ,cold and hungry

With a spirit that is broken

And at this special time of year

When everyone is about to rejoice

Let us not forget the poor and lonely

Who have a very limited choice

We should be grateful for what we have

Not be avaricious and discontent

Appreciate our family, our friends, our health

The only valuable gifts that we are sent

Since perfection sadly is not possible

And the true meaning is anybody’s guess

There is one thing I am perfectly sure of

Is we should all be happy with loving kindness.


Both Written by: Suzanne Kelsey Xmas 2013 ©



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Suzanne Kelsey

I am now (reluctantly) reitred from my work as a teacher/lecturer which has been a very long and happy career that focused on education, child development, dance, drama and teacher training. I was also a health and fitness tutor and contemporary dance teacher in my spare time! I love tai chi, photography, music, dance, theatre, reading, walking, mindfulness/meditation, social media and learning something new every day. I write poetry to raise money for good causes. I am passionate about campaigning for social justice and saving our NHS here in the UK. I also love my partner, my family and my friends and like to spend as much time with them as possible.

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