Loyalty ….

Until recently, I hadn’t had a dog since I lived at home, as a teenager.  I had been wanting to make this addition to our family, but the time never seemed to be right, what with babies, toddlers, long working hours and so on. Not sure there is ever a perfect time, but with flexible working hours for both my wife and I, at last we felt in a position to make this commitment.  We acquired a beautiful German Short Haired Pointer puppy called Jasper, and I can’t believe what a welcome addition he has been to our family.  Dogs show unconditional love and a unique relationship that is difficult to find with any other living being.  I found this and feel it is so appropriate to us now ….


You can’t buy loyalty, they say,

I bought it though, the other day

You cant buy friendships, tried and true

Well just the same, I bought that too.

I made my bid and on spot

Brought love and faith and a whole job lot

Of happiness,so all in all

The purchase price was pretty small

I bought a single trusting heart,

that gave devotion from the start

If you think these things are NOT FOR SALE

Buy a brown-eyed puppy with a wagging tail


Submitted by: Graham Hemmings

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Graham is a cycling enthusiast, mid 50's father of two teenage boys, who also share his passion for 2 wheels!

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