A present to heaven!

This extremely touching poem was written by Mick Westwood, and is a very special message for his dear parents who are no longer here to share Christmas … always in his heart

A present to heaven!

I have got your Christmas present,
I finished it today,
I wrapped it up, with all my love,
And I sent it on its way.

I addressed it to. ” My Parents,
Who live with my dear Lord “.
And I put a note inside the box,
With very little word.

I sent a box of memories,
That only you will know,
Without an explanation,
How much I love you so.

In the corner, wrapped in tissue,
But so easy there to see,
Is my memory of childhood,
When you bounced me on your knee.

It is there beside the folder,
Of my early childish years,
When you let me grow so boldly,
And you kissed away my fears.

There’s a little folded hankie,
So neatly there, it seems,
But open it so carefully,
It contains my cherished dreams.

Those dreams that you did nurture,
And help me to fullfill,
Such dreams we dream’t together,
And still, we ever will.

I sent it up to heaven,
For that is where you are,
In that street reserved for loved ones,
On the brightest shining star.

I hope that you enjoy it,
And the few words that I say,
For there’s a corner filled with teardrops too,
One, – for every day .

But these are tears of love I cry,
And never do I grieve,
For never did we say goodbye,
And, – never did you leave !

” Happy Christmas Mom and Dad, love and miss you both very much.
Rest in perfect peace together !”

Michael. (Your ‘babby ‘) xx – Always in my heart.

( Copyright Michael Westwood 2014 )

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Mick Westwood

I am a 71 year old retired coal miner, who spent 30 years working underground. Having time on my hands, and in order to keep my brain exercised, I decided to try to write poetry and put down on paper some of my life experience, and my hopes, dreams and other thoughts. I also do a little gardening, but I am hopeless at housework. Much to my wife's displeasure.

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