Our Queen

Teresa Harrison-Best has written a very fitting, light-hearted tribute to Queen Elizabeth II on this very special day, when she becomes the longest-reigning monarch in British history – passing her Great-Grandmother Queen Victoria … Long live our noble Queen!

Our Queen

Tell the Guinness Book of Records
that our Queen has done us proud.
She’s the longest serving monarch
and the cheering will be loud!

She’s usurped dear old Victoria,
that other long-lived queen.
Some monarchs have reached fifty years
that’s few and far between.

In sixty three most golden years
she has witnessed key events,
including twelve Prime Ministers
and as many Presidents.

The Berlin Wall was not in place
when she came on the throne.
No texting or the Internet,
just the humble telephone.

The moon was such a distant place,
no ‘giant leaps’ afoot.
With no annoying Paparazzi
and getting overlooked.

Beatlemania had not arrived,
or the sixty six world cup.
Britain wasn’t swinging yet
but things were looking up!

L s d were coins not drugs
and guinea’s were in use.
Imperial was measurement
when cooking our own goose!

Phenomenal changes she has seen
across the world at large,
God Save The Queen say all of us
long may she stay in charge.


Written by Teresa Harrison-Best

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Teresa H-B

Happily married with three grown up children. Proud grandmother to six and enjoying every minute. I had my first book published several years ago called Catawall, fluent in feline. Recently I had a children's book published, Mackerel and the Jolly Daisy, scourge of the high seas, published by i2i Publishing, I am a prolific writer about many things and often post on both my own FB page and the FB page for Catawall. I am a great advocate for animals and anyone less fortunate than myself.

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