Do you think shops have gone too far on self service?

There are times when one really needs some assistance, the problem here is that you can never find anyone able to help. Staff have been cut to the limit, and even if you are able to find someone they know nothing about the product they are selling, especially technical goods. Rather than admit they know nothing, they try to blind you with science and act more knowledgeable than they really are. It would be more helpful if they could find someone who could really help.

Some large industrial stores actually prevent you from leaving by blocking exits and forcing you to walk a long way round, which is fine if you are fit and able, but not helpful if you are elderly frail or disabled.

Without some advice when buying, it is often necessary to return goods. This can result in a credit note being given, not in some good recognisable form but a till receipt which they are hoping you will throw away. They will not allow you to reinvest your money in gift cards or vouchers, it is a policy which is now adopted by most leading stores, which almost forces you to buy things you do not want. There is also a time limit on spending it, if you haven’t lost it by then; is this a good way of encouraging customers?

At one time good service was considered important; it encouraged people to buy. But it is understandable that if staff is cut to the minimum standards will drop. The sales pitch these days is all about promotion and mostly unreliable. At one time one was able to believe what was being said but today most bargains have a catch in them, so it is absolutely necessary to read the small print. You are encouraged to part with your money only to find it is all a con. Special promotions usually involve discounts on certain goods; it is a sort of game (a sprat to catch a mackerel) When you get to the till it is to find it does not apply to the item you wish to buy. Currently all stores and supermarkets use the same technique of buy two and get one free. Once again it is the pensioner or single person subsidising those who can afford to buy more. Why not a set price for each product? They may even sell more as it can be off-putting having to buy more than you require. Paying for the so called free item would bring the same profit and be fair to all.

Gone are the days when a shake of the hand meant something. It is so difficult now to know who to trust. The only people to gain are the shops because, although they have cut back on labour, the goods continue to rise in price despite being of inferior quality. Eventually they will be the losers as more and more people shop on line and get a better service.

Written by: Peppy

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