When you care

I’d like to tell you of my life having to look after someone with Dementia that someone being my old dad of 83 years.

It can be difficult at times, as every day I see him there is always something new; like today I went to get something out of his freezer and found it full of washing and then you have to look to see where he put all the food only to discover it in cupboards, drawers, and even the shower.

It is one of the hardest things in life to watch your parent wandering about confused most of the time, I’m trying to keep my dad in his own home for as long as I can, as the last thing I want is him having to go into full time care. Reality tells me the time is coming soon as my own health is now starting to suffer with all the stress. Anyone reading this who has been in my situation will understand how I feel.  I have lots of emotions like I’m letting him down, I hate leaving him all by himself but I know I have my own life as well and my family and husband to think about, but it is so hard at times.

I just hope that some of you reading this will not have to have this in their lives with their parents, but if you do, all you have to do is be understanding with them, and have patience and most of all lots of Love.

Written By: Sandra Wood

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Sandra Wood

I'm just a nanny to my 2 lovely grandsons and a wife to my lovely husband of 42 yrs

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