Minerals: They’re Just as Important (If Not More So) as Vitamins

Do you feel tired or sluggish occasionally? According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists 20% of the population feels like this daily.

It’s not always the same 20% though, which means it affects a lot of us at one time or another.

Sometimes we may feel tired simply because we’ve done too much, or ironically too little. But supposing it’s more than that? If you want to feel and look good you have to treat your body in the best possible way. Getting your five portions of fruit and vegetables a day is a good start. Eating more wholesome foods and drinking plenty of fresh water is good too.

But even that may not be enough. We all know our bodies need numerous vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Indeed one survey conducted by Bupa found that a third of those questioned said they took vitamins on a daily basis. The surprising thing is minerals are never mentioned in this situation – and yet minerals are just as important to us. In fact while there are 16 essential vitamins required by the body, there are more than three times this many minerals required – a minimum of 60 to be more precise.

Ditching processed food and eating basic wholesome food is a big step in the right direction. However, even bumping up your intake of fruit and vegetables may not give you everything you need to stay and feel healthy. One of the main sources of minerals in many foodstuffs comes from the soil they grow in. Yet a combination of various things, including additives, pesticides and other aspects of commercial farming, has led to a vastly depleted store of minerals in our soil.

Upping your intake of vitamins through a supplement might seem like a good idea. However these vitamins don’t perform anywhere near as well unless the minerals are there too. This is why it is essential to find a solution – a solution that has already arrived in the form of Sizzling Minerals.

Sizzling Minerals provides a certified source of no fewer than 75 plant-derived minerals. 100% natural, the product can be taken in wafer, capsule or powder form to suit the user. Even if you eat well you may still be woefully deficient in the minerals your body needs to survive. Sizzling Minerals will help turn things around.

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