Natural anti-ageing beauty products

Natural anti-ageing beauty products – what’s in them and why we love them!

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Do you have fresh, dewy skin that glows when you wake each morning, feels bouncy under your fingertips and radiates light from all angles? No? Join the club!

Smoother skin, plumper cheeks, fewer wrinkles, an improved complexion, faded age spots;- the creams, serums, oils and gels available from the big-name brands in the average department store pack in a plethora of toxic-sounding ingredients. Most conventional skincare ingredients derive from petroleum. These ingredients are used to prevent products from drying out and are used as a “smoothing” ingredient by coating skin in a plastic-like layer. Instead, they often dehydrate the skin and exacerbate acne, and some skin experts believe, encourage premature ageing. Which, let’s be honest, gets us reaching for more of the miracle anti-ageing cream.

Natural anti-ageing products are different

White tea, used in Lavera’s  range, is an anti-oxidant with anti-aging properties, and Melvita’s Naturalift Anti-Wrinkle Care contains amino acids extracted from hibiscus seeds to keep skin supple, and argan nut proteins to provide an immediate tightening and firming effect.

Weleda focuses on natural essential oils to do the job. Oils such as musk rose oil, peach, almond and evening primrose oil, the key ingredients in Weleda’s Wild Rose anti-ageing range, help skin to renew itself and improve elasticity.

So, what exactly is a ‘natural’ anti-ageing product?

Good question. There are hundreds of anti-ageing creams, serums, oils and cleansing products available, but only some of them can claim to be natural. As with all natural products, a natural anti-ageing product will not contain potentially harmful ingredients such as asphthalates sulfates, parabens or synthetic fragrances. Depending on the product, its key ingredients may also be organically derived, suitable for vegans, free from petroleum-based ingredients and of course, the best will not be tested on animals. The packaging may be recyclable or even made from recycled materials.

Natural anti-ageing products attempt to correct, or at least slow down, the damage that free radicals cause by feeding anti-oxidants, such as Vitamin C, E, Green Tea and CoQ10 to the skin.


CoQ10, which can be found in natural anti-ageing products, is an example of an anti-oxidant naturally found in every cell in our bodies. It’s an energy source for our cells, but diminishes as we get older, which is why we can benefit from putting a bit more back in. Avalon Organics CoQ10 Wrinkle Defence Crème, £14.99, is one to try plus it also contains SPF 15.

Lavera Faces Firming range (formerly known as My Age)  also contain CoQ10 and start at £2.90

Vitamins C and E

Vitamins C and E, found naturally in fruit and vegetables, are also anti-oxidants and have tremendous abilities to fight free radical damage and help restore elasticity and tone. For use in natural anti-ageing products, Vitamin C is commonly derived from citrus fruits and Vitamin E from wheatgerm, olive oil and vegetable oils.

A fantastic budget beauty buy is Jason’s 25,000 IU Vitamin E Age Renewal Moisturising Crème. At £8.50 for 113g (4oz) it proves anti-ageing moisturisers don’t have to be expensive.

Jason’s 25,000 IU Vitamin E Age Renewal Moisturising Crème

Jason’s 25,000 IU Vitamin E Age Renewal Moisturising Crème

Black Pine

A Superdaddy of natural anti-ageing products; Korres Black Pine Anti-Wrinkle & Firming range.


Korres Black Pine Anti-wrinkle Cream

Korres’ labs have discovered that Black Pine is an excellent anti-oxidant. In the range of Black Pine products (there are cleansers through to moisturisers for different skin types) anti-oxidant-rich Black Pine extract is combined with Black Pine-derived Epigallocatechin. Epigallocatechin has strong anti-inflammatory properties combined with exceptional firming action and also protects against free radicals and the breakdown of collagen in the dermis.

UVA / UVB filters

Of course, the best preventative measure you can take against premature ageing is to always wear sunscreen from an early age, to avoid midday sun completely and never to sunbathe. It is never too late to add sunscreen to your daily routine, and many of our products contain it.

The award-winning Lavera Sun Anti Ageing Sun Cream has an SPF 15 and contains Vitamin E too. Currently sells at £9.

Lavera Sun Anti Ageing Sun Cream

Lavera Sun Anti Ageing Sun Cream

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Disclaimer: Skin types vary depending on the individual. If irritation occurs, always seek medical assistance from your GP or a dermatologist.


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