Win a Dimplex DXAD100 Electronic Aroma Diffuser!

Discover a fresh way to scent your home

This month you could be in with a chance of winning ONE of FIVE Dimplex DXAD100 Electronic Aroma Diffusers!

Want to fill your home with the scent or fresh cut flowers, but don’t want the hassle of dead heading dying blooms? Fed up with the mess created by scented candles, or the cloying, chemical smell of air freshener?

Now there is a clean, quiet and smart way to introduce your favourite scent into a room. The Dimplex DXAD100 Electronic Aroma Diffuser is a clever, but ever so easy way to use cutting edge technology to counter stale and less desirable smells. The Aroma Diffuser uses whisper quiet ultrasonic cool mist technology similar to that innovated by Dimplex to create a convincing 3D flame and smoke effect in its Opti-myst electric fires. The Aroma Diffuser uses the cool mist to distribute your favourite aromatherapy oil into room.

Subtly humidify the air in a room for up to five hours takes just 100ml of filtered water added to the reservoir in the top of the unit. It takes a matter or moments to fill the device and add a few drops of aromatherapy oil.

Increasing the relaxing effect of the DXAD100 are colour-changing LED mood lights set in the base which subtly illuminate the room. Choose your favourite tint to set the mood or let the lights calmly cycle through a rainbow of colour.

The inclusion of the digital clock with its clear and easy to read numbers is what makes the DXAD100 really clever. The alarm clock function means you can be eased awake with the gentle play of light and scent, or use the timer functions to delay start, refreshing your room before you get home. A three hour runback timer ensures the Diffuser switches itself off when you want, perfect if you want to run the Diffuser in a bedroom late in the evening to help fall asleep.

We’ve teamed up with Dimplex to offer FIVE lucky winners the chance to each win a DXAD100 Aroma Diffuser. With its sleek design and soothing colours, the Aroma Diffuser will sit unobtrusively in any home, providing a welcoming scent for you, your family and guests…

The results are in!

Congratulations to our winner
Bridget Manning, Yvonne Youd, Nicola Gregory, David Hart and Philip Darling
We will contact you via email to assist in claiming your prize!

Thank you to all who entered, and good luck with our other competitions!

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