Smarter Home Heating

Getting to grips with smart home technology can be tricky, and as a silver surfer you may feel like the latest gadgets are designed with a younger generation in mind.

However heating controls expert Drayton is making sure the over fifties aren’t left out of the smart home revolution – with its easy to use smart thermostat, miGenie.

So what exactly are smart thermostats and what makes miGenie the best option for those who are unfamiliar with the technology?

Comfort and control

Smart thermostats are heating controls that are connected to the internet via your home Wi-Fi system. They allow you to control the temperature of your home, using an app on your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are.

This means that you can turn the heating on or off and adjust the temperature without needing to be near your home.

You can also adjust heating schedules on the go, so if your plans change while you’re out, you can make tweaks to when the heating will come on and go off.

This gives you greater control of your heating, meaning you have the ability to reduce the amount of energy you use, while feeling as comfortable as possible.

Magic miGenie

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There are many different smart thermostats available from various companies, so choosing the right one for you can feel like a challenge. Some products are very complicated to install with tricky wiring, and require lots of information about yourself and your lifestyle too.

However, if you want system that is reliable, great value for money, and really simple to use – as well as quick and easy for an installer to fit – then miGenie is a great option.

The miGenie thermostat can be controlled using an app on a smartphone or tablet, or an Apple Watch. There are three pack options – called ‘Wishes’ – that offer different combinations of products, some take care of heating alone, some control both heating and hot water.

Your heating engineer or electrician can advise which is best for you, and there’s no wiring needed, so no messy installation. miGenie works no matter which energy supplier you use, and if your Wi-Fi connection is down the heating can still be adjusted via the controller.

In the event that this does happen, you’ll find the controller really simple to use, with familiar buttons and icons and a large backlit display – ideal if you suffer from arthritis or poor eyesight.

You could also consider miGenie if you have elderly parents who suffer from dementia. Having the system fitted at their property means you can check their home temperature is at a comfortable level to keep them healthy and happy, and adjust it where required using the app.

So why not join the smart home revolution and have a miGenie fitted? You’ll have control over heating from the palm of your hand, and greater control over your energy usage – without all the unnecessary bells and whistles of some smart thermostats.

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