Is triple glazing worth the money?

Some people will remember shivering in their homes as ice formulated on the inside of their old single glazed window panes.

Then along came double glazing to save us all from the cold, soon becoming standard within new builds and ever popular with homeowners who wanted to upgrade their windows and enjoy the benefits of warmer windows.

For many years, in countries where climates are far worse and winters much harsher, triple glazing has been a part of their lives for many years. However, it took a little time before it was finally introduced to the UK in 2013.

The general consensus among people in Britain was initially very much that triple glazing was an unnecessary luxury, but as time goes on the number of installations is steadily rising.

That’s all very well and good, but is it worth the additional cost?

Well, let’s start with what the actual difference is between double and triple glazing as that is, quite rightly, the first question people feel inclined to ask.

To put it simply, if fitted correctly, the extra window pane within the design enhances heat retention within the home as well as making the window even more secure within its frame.

At present the most advanced triple glazed windows available in the UK are from Everest, who are really making the effort to ensure their products increase energy efficiency. Their triple glazing windows have been awarded a WER Rating of A+21 – an unprecedented rating within the industry, and here are the top 4 reasons why their triple glazed units are the best ever…

Everest Triple glazing is the:

1. Warmest

Whether it is heat generated by the sun or heat that has been created indoors, the extra pane in our windows helps to maintain that heat and Everest’s A+ 21 Rated windows help maximise energy efficiency.

2. Quietest

Nothing disrupts a cosy night in more than external sounds invading our homes, and the extra pane serves to block out even more than our double glazed windows. That all of Everest’s products are made in the UK ensures they are of the highest standards too.

3. Safest

Every little detail that deters intruders from your home is a bonus. The extra pane makes these windows a lot harder to break, giving you and your family extra peace of mind. What’s more, Everest’s windows each come with extensive guarantees that cover not just the glass but all elements of the windows.

4. Toughest

Everest’s triple glazed windows feature a multi-point locking system as standard, and as they are also made with the finest materials on the market, their resistance is unparalleled.

So that’s why Everest’s triple glazing windows are the best, but to further explain the main points between double and triple glazing, here are the main 5 factors:

1. It has three panes of glass

Of course you all know it has three panes, hence the word “triple,” but what you might not know are the implications that adding the extra window pane has. This takes us on to the next point.

2. More chambers

If you simply add a pane of glass between two others, it doesn’t necessarily make it more efficient. In fact, it could make it worse. In order to function at a higher level, there needs to be a good amount of space between the panes – ideally 20mm – but less is okay provided the glazing of the window makes up for it. To allow for the extra to accommodate the third window pane, the window frames have to be designed differently. As they are bigger and more cumbersome, more chambers are added, making your window warmer and more secure.

3. The Argon factor

Sitting between each pane of glass lies a layer of Argon gas. Why is this relevant? Well, Argon is denser than air, meaning that wherever there is a wall of the invisible, tasteless, odourless gas, there is a barrier that stops cold air passing through it. As a rule, the thicker the wall, the more air it stops. So imagine cold air trying to get through three panes of glass and two argon barriers. Furthermore, the science of the window is dictated by the…

4. Tints and window types

Modern glass can perform a variety of different jobs. In alphabetical order, you can get Anti-sun glass, Decorative glass, Heatlock glass, Obscure glass, Safety glass, Security glass, Self-cleaning glass and Silent glass – each coming with its own unique strengths. There are also tints, such as Low-e glass (meaning “low emissivity”) and Low Iron glass. In short, Low-e glass has a tint that reflects heat, so by being placed on the inner pane of your window, it stops heat sneaking out and therefore keeps your home warmer. Low Iron glass does the opposite and allows short wave solar gains through, so by placing it on the outer pane of your window, it invites the sun in.

5. Air tightness

In reality, you can have the greatest window in the world, but if the glass is loose within the casing or if there are gaps between the window casing and the frame, warm air will leak out of the house and cold air will pour in from outside. This is why windows must fit perfectly into the space around it. Any gaps will act as a weakness and hinder the overall performance of the window, so there’s buying triple glazing, and there’s buying it from the right company whose products are made-to-measure.

So, is triple glazing worth the money?

The truth is, the answer is subjective and you are the only person who can really answer that. As a general rule, a triple glazing window costs around 20% more than its double glazing equivalent. In other words, you pay 5% more for a warmer home, 5% more for extra quietness, 5% more to know your window is tougher and 5% more to know you and your home are that much safer.

Is it worth it? Only you can decide, but Everest can rest easier knowing their customers have the option.

Visit the Everest triple glazing page to find out more about how you can make your home warmer and more energy efficient.




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