A Younger Man’s Trousers

A Younger Man’s Trousers

Brown spots on the back of my hands
and my daughters laugh when I dance.
Bloomin’ awful ache in my back.
And romance? There isn’t a chance!
But hey, man, did I break some hearts
when I wore a younger man’s trousers.

My hair is quickly departing
and my eyes aren’t what they could be.
I scrape barnacles off my chin
and I get a click in my knee.
But hey, man, did I kick some ass
when I wore a younger man’s trousers.

My teeth have seen far better days
and my feet are always so cold.
My shoulders are drooping quite a bit
and I think my libido got old.
But hey, man, did I ring some bells
when I wore a younger man’s trousers.

My waist is fast getting bigger
and my belly’s joining my chest.
A trip to the loo on the hour
and I think I’m well past my best.
But hey, man, did I score some goals
when I wore a younger man’s trousers.

I’m not the man I used to be,
but I still throw a hefty clout.
I still aim a pretty good kick,
though I mustn’t forget the gout.
But hey, man, I can strut my stuff
if I put on a younger man’s trousers.

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I'm a tall, not too dark, not very handsome man with one wife, three children, six grandchildren and a wonky leg. Poetry is the vocabulary of my heart and soul... and occasionally my rear end.

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