Always Love You

Here is another beautifully written, poignant poem about love, by Martin Silvester …

Always Love You

LOVE is there from the first baby cry,
And remains in your heart till the day that you die.
It takes many forms as you travel life’s road,
It comforts your soul and it lightens your load.

You have love for your father, your sister, your brother,
With an extra helping, for your children and mother.
You love little things, that brighten your day,
Your grandchildren smiling, or a puppy at play.

The sound of a birdsong, high in a tree,
The warmth of the sun, or old friends that you see.
A good book or movie that makes your heart sing,
Or remembering the day when you put on a ring.

Be glad that you worry, when your loved ones are late,
Cherish the relief, when they come through the gate.
Be glad that you feel love with all it’s emotions,
It’s a free gift of life, needing no pills or potions.

We don’t always get back, the love that we give,
Like plants needing water…we need love to live.
So we reach out our hand with our heart in its palm,
And hope and trust, it will come to no harm.

Oh…the hurt that we feel when loves not returned,
When it’s thrown on the ground and it’s trampled and burned.
Just take a deep breath and see through the pain,
Don’t let it stop you, from loving again.

Be glad of the love that will in your heart stay,
Rejoice as it pushes the storm clouds away.
We all have a dark side that lurks in the wings,
But it won’t have a chance, all the time that love sings. and be loved and enjoy every day,
Don’t let pain win the hand and push love away.
Wear your heart on your sleeve in all that you do,
And always remember…to always…love you.


Written by:  Martin Silvester

About the author

Martin Silvester
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Not a lot to tell...just an ordinary man...always loved writing but never had the time until now...hope I've got a few years left to write about the million things I would like to get down on paper be it in poetry form or just plain old story telling. Just in case anyone would like me to come along to their group and read a few of my poems live..I would be happy to do so within the confines of Kent or Sussex...I would just need to cover my time and petrol a cup of tea and a biscuit. Just email [email protected] To answer some of your questions= ex-army..ex -jackeroo...ex-builder..ex-quite a few other things..still rocking...married...2 + 3 children...7 custard creams. I have now published my first collection of poems which are now available on Amazon under the title of..LAST APPLE ON THE TREE. The book consists of twenty seven poems covering a wide range of topics and emotions. My second book has just been published and is called A BREEZE IN THE WILLOWS, also available on Amazon. I hope that everyone will get as much enjoyment reading them, as I did writing them.

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