Cable Car

Cable car ride

Up the steps, quite excited, the two of us united.
An adventure waiting to begin.
Small cable cars
Swing round on slender wires, swaying and clanking.
Not stopping – just slowing enough for you to hop on board.
Heart in mouth, we wait for the doors to close enclosing us in a kind of mini greenhouse.
With a rush and a sway we shoot off into the air.

Rising above the green grass, slowly leaving terra firma behind.
How quiet it is as we sway and bump, just a little, rising higher and higher.
Over the houses.
Looking through the window as we rise we see the people disappearing looking like little specks in the distance.
Now as we get used to the movement of the cable car we can begin to enjoy the magnificent scenery underneath us.
The rolling green hills dotted with the wooden houses look now, like toy land.
The railway tracks snaking away across the valley reminiscent of a model layout one enjoyed as a boy.

In front of us the cable cars float as if by magic through the air.
Seemingly only joined by a gossamer wire.
Mountain streams cascade down over the rocks.
Curious cows stop grazing and regard us with slightly surprised eyes.
Their cowbells ringing out as the move, sounding like a peal of church bell ringing out over the pasture.
Loud and clear in the pure mountain air.
Beautiful idyllic landscape below our feet.

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Lived and worked in Essex all my life, moved to Staffs, what a lovely place to retire to! My husband has also taken early retirement and we are enjoying living in our new home with our little dog. Trying to finish a short novel I have been writing for a number of years. 2017 Finished my book at last! have ppublished it and now am well on the way with the second one!

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