Christmas Eve in Lockdown

Just heard about lockdown and nothing better to do just scribbled this

Christmas Eve in Lockdown

Christmas Eve 2020, no magic in the air
Probably because you see, only I’ll be there
There be nowt on the telly, except the usual crap
No ads for exotic holidays, should throw away my map

But wait a minute, look ahead
At 5am, I’m still in bed
No peelin’ loads of mucky spuds
Or sort out pans, warm Xmas puds

No fiddly little sprouts deleaf
The duvet, I can stay beneath
The chimney does not need a sweep in’
As that man in red will not be keepin’

His promise he’d do what he could
To provide requested gifts, if I was good
He’ll state that it is far too risky
To enter home to drink my whiskey

Rudolph n’ cronies won’t fly round the nation
‘Cos they are still in isolation
Forget about the washing up
There will be just plate and cup

Maybe I’ll have a drink or three
Or could be more….it’s up to me
If I do greet friends on zoom
Arrange so they can’t view the room

No need to dust, if you plan it right
And why not just use candlelight
It gives complexion rosy glow
And family do not need to know

I’m clad in jimjams tho’ on chest
I have donned a sparklie vest
Yes all  will be ok, but then
I’ve started thinking once again

The thing that will be sadly lackin’
Is someone to pull n’ get … my cracker crack in’

Glenys Halliday

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I have always written poetry but when my husband died suddenly I used it as a kind of therapy. I don’t usually share these unless I feel they will help someone in distress. The ones I share are mostly humorous intended to bring a smile in what I feel can be a very lonely world... I have written four booklets and now a Corona chronicles which is just twelve poems writ while I am in jail...oh sorry I meant lockdown. Am on my way for a second booklet.. Trying to make folk smile and take a minutes release from these difficult times helps me forget my sight problems..

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