Dedicated Followers of Fashion

Dedicated Followers of Fashion

Once in a while, but not very oft,
I discover old photographs stored in the loft.
Those sweet single moments, now captured in time
Rekindle those old faded memories of mine.

As followers of fashion, we thought we had style,
But those flapping, flared trousers now compel me to smile.
Jeans, leather belted with a buckle so huge
And our head in the clouds in our platform soled shoes.

Who looked cool in an Afghan, a flowered, fur coat?
But when it got wet, Phew! you smelled like a goat!
Sexy shirts made from cheesecloth you’d tie in a knot
And shirred, stretchy boob tubes for when it got hot.

We wore tank tops and hot pants, boots up to our thighs.
They wore shirts with giant collars and huge kipper ties.
There were jumpsuits and catsuits, floppy hats with wide brims,
Crimplene and Terylene… but DENIM was king.

Our clothes came from Chelsea Girl, back in the day,
Etam and Tammy and of course, C&A.
Ravel and Dolcis, fashion shoes were top notch
And John Collier, John Collier was the window to watch.

Pageboys and feather cuts, bleached streaks again,
Shaggy dog hair perms….and that’s just the men!
Makeup from Biba….we looked at “the bee’s knees”.
We’re you Glam Rock or Hippy? Now tell me YOUR memories.

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Ex Thomas Cook manager, now retired, love travelling, reading, dining out and drinking wine!

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