Disorientated (dementia)


They took me from my home and now I’m in a big chateau,
They said that it’s dementia, what’s that? I just don’t know.

I don’t know what dementia is or what effect it’s had,
And now I’m stuck here in this place and feeling very sad.

People ask me where I was born, where I lived, what’s my name?
Some have asked me several times, like it’s a sort of game!

Why am I here, in this place, living in someones’ room?
This old guy told me I’d be here, till they stick me in my tomb!

I just can’t understand it all, family and friends all left,
No real friends within the place, I’m feeling quite bereft.

Who are the ladies in uniform, are they nurses or what?
What the heck am I doing here?…. I forgot!

I did try asking people, what’s happening to me here?
But there’s no one who seems to know, It’s so unclear.

Who are all these people….. at breakfast, dinner and tea?
I don’t know any of them, but seems they all know me.

Michael.J.Hill. March 2020.

About the author

Mike Hill
240 Up Votes
Grammar School/ Police Cadet/ Police Constable/Degrees in ~psychology and Sociology/ Child Care worker/Child Care Manager. Into Antiques/good food. Born again Christian since 1991. Run Alpha Courses.

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