My phobia is a strange one
I only developed it last year,
I don’t know if it’s it real name
But I know you’ll find it queer.

I have developed a fear of housework
Yep, you read that right..
I had to get help from my husband
To help me deal with my plight.

I cannot do the vacuuming
It brings me out in hives,
And I can’t do any cooking now
I’ve become afraid of knives.

The duster and the polish
Really fill my heart with dread
And you should see the way I shake
If I have to make the bed..

I would get a dreadful panic attack
If I had to clean the bathroom,
The mop and bucket are my enemy
Along with the dustpan, and broom.

The washing and the ironing
Both make me quake with fear,
So, hubby now does the housework
He really is such a dear!

I don’t think they can cure me
You see this phobia is quite new,
So I’ll just sit with my feet up,
Till they figure out what to do!

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I'm past my sell by date but still going strong, I love reading, gardening, writing and sketching, I live in a very small fishing town and love it. I was born in Coventry but city life was never for me, I have lived in lots of different places, but I am finally settled here (much to the relief of my husband)

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