Don’t Let Me Fade Away

A poem for World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, in memory of my grandad and anybody else affected in any way by this cruel disease:

Don’t Let Me Fade Away

Please don’t ignore me because
You think I can’t compute
Talk to me normally
So that others follow suit

My minds in bits, I’m in the grips
Of this heartless cruel disease
Please don’t shut me out
I beg you so much, please

I’m frightened and so tortured
Inside my troubled mind
Alone and truly terrified
Of being left behind

I’m in such pain, so full of shame
And begging for a cure
Please help me to recover
And do not shut the door

I notice I do silly things
Like put milk in the kettle
I’m troubled as I’m so aware
My mind’s not in full fettle

It’s so unfair, I feel despair
I have a life to live
My family, they need me so
I’ve so much more to give

The simplest of activities
I find so hard to juggle
Just working out my shopping list
I now find such a struggle

To recall a place, or name a face
Can be hard for me to do
But please keep talking to me
Let me share my love with you

Please don’t treat me differently
Or pity me each day
Help to keep my mind alive
So I don’t fade away

I’m holding on, I must be strong
And beg they find a cure
Or a way to slow the process down
It’s too much to endure

Hold on to the memories
Of the better days we shared
As I’ll always hold you in my heart
Just know how much I cared.

© Maxine Bailey
September 2021

About the author

Maxine Bailey
1190 Up Votes
I absolutely love writing poems. Enjoying my garden and my dogs. I used to be an Age UK Befriender, which I would thoroughly recommend to anybody. So rewarding

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