Don’t Worry

Don’t Worry

Don’t worry about how old you are
Or if you’ve got white or silver hair
Don’t worry about saggy bottoms
Or if you love thermal underwear

Don’t worry about having dentures
Or if they come loose and slip
Don’t worry about swollen knee joints
Or if you can’t jump or skip

Don’t worry about your chin hair
Or if your dry skin is apt to crack
Don’t worry about leakage
Or if your pelvic floor is slack

Don’t worry about lack of energy
Or if you’re always tired and weary
Don’t worry about being grumpy
Or if you’re emotional and teary

Don’t worry about your hearing
Or if you need a hearing aid
Don’t worry about lying in
Or if you leave your bed unmade

Don’t worry about being slow
Or if you think you have to rush
Don’t worry about always feeling cold
Or if you’re having a hot flush

Don’t worry about senior moments
Or if your library books are overdue
Don’t worry about dropping things
Or if you always desperate for the loo

Don’t worry about afternoon napping
Or if you can’t sleep through the night
Don’t worry about eating chocolate
Or if your clothes are feeling tight

Don’t worry about wearing glasses
Or if you lose them all the time
Don’t worry about doing housework
Or if the dust has turned to grime

Don’t worry about technology
Or if you’re not savvy or on trend
Don’t worry about forgetting passwords
Of if you click delete instead of send

Don’t worry about opinions
Or if you wrong more times than right
Don’t worry about your diet
Or if you’ve lost your appetite

Don’t worry about chipped finger nails
Or if you can’t bend and touch your toes
Don’t worry about how loud you snore
Or if the duvet ebbs and flows

Don’t worry about having wind
Or if others think you’re rude
Don’t worry about acid reflux
Or if you’ve eaten too much rich food

Don’t worry about the weather
Or if the forecast fills you with dismay
Don’t worry about worrying
Just have some fun and seize the day

Karen Stoker © 01/02/17

About the author

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I love to write the odd poem when inspired by some event or happening in my own life or that of my family and friends. I usually just write poems for my own pleasure, but I have enjoyed sharing a few of my efforts on Silversurfers and have received some wonderful comments from the community. I enjoy watching Rugby Union. I call myself a 'Hobby Colourist' and enjoy the work of the inky black and white artist Johanna Basford, and I also dabble in photography, in a very amature pastime kind of way.

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