For Mother’s Day

For my Mum

My God, I was a Tomboy
the bane of my mother’s life,
Me looking like a Bash St. kid,
caused her so much strife!

She would buy me pretty dresses
but I could never make her see,
They were so inconvenient,
when you were shining up a tree!

Seeing curling irons in the fire
would make my blood run cold,
Her trying to tame my ratty hair,
with me in a strangle hold!

All my days were mostly spent
playing out with the local boys,
swords and bows and arrows,
were always my favourite toys!

Or going down the local pond
with a jam jar and a net
up to my skinny knees in mud
seeing how much frog spawn I could get.

My poor mother always wanted a girl,
as cute as cute could be,
She dreamt of a Shirley Temple,
What she got was me!!!

But Mum, you always loved me
though I turned your hair quite grey,
I will always love and miss you
But most of all on Mother’s Day

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I'm past my sell by date but still going strong, I love reading, gardening, writing and sketching, I live in a very small fishing town and love it. I was born in Coventry but city life was never for me, I have lived in lots of different places, but I am finally settled here (much to the relief of my husband)

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