For the ladies

For the ladies

Here’s a little message that I’m sending out for free
We are the lovely ladies of the 21st century.
We’re strong and pretty fearless, we stand up for our rights
We have goals and expectations, we love with all our might.

Opportunities surround us, just put us to the test
You know when under pressure we’ll always give our best.
We work hard and we play hard, we have so much joy to share
We love our lives and families, you know how much we care.

So, why do we always worry and ignore that doctor’s letter
Come on you awesome ladies, you really do know better.
A smear test is important, it might just save your life
Imagine your poor family without their mother or a wife.

Please don’t be embarrassed, the nurses know the score
Five minutes for a lifetime, then you walk out the door.
We’ve come so far to get here, don’t throw it all away
Don’t crumple up that letter, the price is too high to pay.

Come on you lovely ladies, you know that this is right,
Cancer is the spectre that no one wants to fight.
Go get that simple smear test, it doesn’t take that long
Together we can beat this, together we are strong.

Jan Millward©

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I live in a tied cottage on a farm in rural Dorset. I work as an activity coordinator in a local care home, organising everything from visiting donkeys to trips out to the seaside! I have always been involved in agriculture. I love travelling, gardening , reading and I also have taken to writing poetry. I have just published my 3rd book which is something I have always wanted to do! My books are available on Amazon.

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