Home from the war

Home from the War

Here’s a little friendly greeting
To welcome you back home,
You serve your country admirably
Far and wide you roam.

The folks back home they love you
It’s for those you go to fight,
By being shipped to foreign lands
To help put their wrongs to right.

The act of war’s horrific
Many lives, they have been lost,
You wonder if it’s worth it all
When there’s so much human cost,

But now the war is over
And the fighting’s all but done,
Your friends and family miss you loads
It’s time to come on home.

A change of scene is what you need
The battleground, no more,
For nowhere else on earth compares
To your homelands welcome shore.

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I have recently become a widow after 40years of marriage. I work with people who have learning disabilities which is very rewarding. I have no children but I do have a cat with attitude, (cattitude), I have been writing verses for a while now but they are mainly personalised ones, I love driving out to the countryside and the coast. I love reading, doing jigsaws, going out socialising, hate gardening and I'm hopeless at DIY but will try it anyway.

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