Just a Treat in Lockdown

Just a Treat in Lockdown

I’ll not be drinking wine tonight, I think I should give it a miss.
Cos it feels like every night since March I’ve constantly been on the piss.

It started with a fortnight’s cruise, two weeks of “All Inclusive”
Then COVID struck and lockdown hit and abstinence became elusive.

We hunkered down and settled in and ordered our booze online
Bradford brewery, bottled beers and cases of Hoults wine.

The sunshine shone, our glasses clinked, a toast to the health of the nations
Our solitude had attitude and copious libations.

Now 9 months in we’ve reached full term, with waistlines getting thicker
Just a glass or two will lift our spirits as the world is getting sicker.

We need something to look forward to as the nights are drawing in.
But as I said I’ll miss tonight….. now, where’s that biscuit tin ?

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Ex Thomas Cook manager, now retired, love travelling, reading, dining out and drinking wine!

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