No gain without pain

No gain without pain

They say that exercise,
Is good for you,
But I can say,
That this isn’t true.

I have been playing,
And running around outside,
Having games of football,
And seeking those that hide.

We spent all day yesterday,
Playing capture the flag,
After running all day,
My body began to sag.

Looking back 20 years,
I know things are not the same,
Because after all that exercise,
All I felt was pain.

I sat down for 5 minutes,
My body began to cease,
I could not have been stiffer,
If I’d been sat in a deep freeze.

My wife asked me what was wrong,
So I told her what I did,
That I’d been running round all day,
Looking for children that had hid.

She just started laughing,
And said “I wish that I could see”,
You riding around on scooters,
At the age of 53.

Maybe I should slow down,
And watch from the side,
As everyone has all the fun,
Looking for those that hide.

No, I cannot do it,
I need to still take part,
Because although I’m 53,
I’m still so young at heart.

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