Old Age Pension

I have written a little poem about Old Age Pension today. Don’t know about you, but the older I get the more tired I get. I am sure many of us can relate to this:

Old Age Pension

When I was young and full of youth
I tell you now, this is the truth
I couldn’t wait to get a job
So I could earn an honest bob

I felt so fresh and full of dreams
My excitement bursting at the seems
Old age, what’s that I hear you mention
I’m years away from my old age pension

I scrimped and saved my whole life through
As I knew that’s what I had to do
So when old age knocks on my door
I can still live life like I did before

With the passing years my energy drained
It made no difference if I complained
Work harder, come on get that done
You’re at work now, it’s not supposed to be fun

I’d see the generations down from me
At 60 or 65 they’d be free
To jump off the treadmill and live their lives
Precious times together as husbands and wives

But not for me and many more
The goalpost moved, I do abhor
7 added years for me to fill
I will definitely need an energy pill

The ones who made these blasted laws
No one will greet you with applause
As you sit at home in your comfy chair
While the rest of us quietly despair

Whatever next I hear your cry
As another 10 or more years go by
Sat in care homes next to our zimmer
Finish your work before your dinner!

I beg you all when you are young
Live you lives and have some fun
But save some dosh each and every week
As I’m sure the goalpost they’ll further tweak

© Maxine Bailey
July 2021

About the author

Maxine Bailey
1259 Up Votes
I absolutely love writing poems. Enjoying my garden and my dogs. I used to be an Age UK Befriender, which I would thoroughly recommend to anybody. So rewarding

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