PJ Day

PJ Day

I’m having a pyjama day and I don’t give a damn.
It doesn’t really matter, never mind, San fairy Ann!
I’m precisely going nowhere and no one’s coming here
And apart from home deliveries, there’s been nobody even near!

I’m lounging in my nightwear, it’s a luxury I’m allowed,
An indulgent silver lining to this looming lockdown cloud.
They’re fluffy, warm and comfy, of that there is no doubt.
Roomy tops and baggy bottoms made to let it all hang out.

I’m slobbing in my PJs and I’ll stay in them all day.
I do not give a monkey’s what the passing neighbours say.
I will choose my favourite biscuits and dunk them in my tea,
Whilst watching comedy classics, golden oldies on TV.

Yes, I’m having a pyjama day and staying safe at home,
Longing for the halcyon days when I can safely roam.
Entertained by travel programmes, dreaming of the grand day when…
I’ll get up, get dressed, get packing and go travelling again!

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Ex Thomas Cook manager, now retired, love travelling, reading, dining out and drinking wine!

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