Rain, Rain, Rain

Fellow boaters, we feel your pain–
The water rises, the flow is faster,
A big boat passes, the moorings strain.

Belgium, Holland, Germany, France,
All of them suffer this climate dance.
Should have been a summer cruise;

Relaxed with friends, good food and booze;
Instead the looks twixt crew and master
Are glued to the forecast, the weather news.

All OK? Or impending disaster?
Checked the moorings, good as can be,
Don’t want our boat swept out to sea–

But what if the water comes over the quay?
Long planks fixed firmly down the side
Will help control the override,

And keep us safe till the floods subside.
Other than that, eat well, keep warm;
And pray for the ending of the storm.

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Artist and writer, retired seafarer. Author (with late husband Bill) of best selling "Sell Up and Sail" Cruised under sail nearly 100,00 miles until the age of 83.

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