This short and witty poem was written by Peter Loft, based on his experience of recent retirement from work: 

RETIRED for 4 months now
Routine getting into place,
Bought a greenhouse and potting shed
Got my own bit of space.

No more alarm clock
Sleep in if it suits,
Shall I grow vegies in my greenhouse
Or stick to summer fruits?

I do enjoy an afternoon nap
After strolling round the town,
The only time I get a sweat on
Is if I miss Countdown..

Have you noticed your hearing senses improve when you retire?  I sat in the garden for a while yesterday. I actually heard the village clock strike two, then I heard two pigeons fighting, my neighbour emptying rubbing into his dustbin, there was a creak and and crack of my wooden shed expanding in the heat of the sun. I could actually hear my other neighbour’s, the one we don’t talk to, water fountain and splashing of his ghost carp, can’t have goldfish like everyone else!  We are 15 miles from Humberside airport and I could just hear a plane taking off. Thirty one years Iv’e lived here and never heard these sounds.  Next instalment … “Look what I can see”.

Written by : Peter Loft

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