Seasons of Our Lives

I wrote this poem recently to remind myself and others that we have the power to change things we are not happy with so that we can live our best lives. I hope you can relate.

Seasons of Our Lives

The flurry of leaves you see strewn on the floor
They once were my clothes, that I now wear no more
My outfits change colour in the blink of an eye
Have you ever noticed, or do you just walk on by?

For me, as a tree, my life’s lived by the seasons
I watch folk pass by for varying reasons
I’m static and silent but I notice it all
I watch when you’re happy and again when you fall

If you’ll pardon the pun and take a leaf from my book
Don’t fret the small stuff, it’s not a good look
Live every moment as if it’s your last
Try to look forward, and not back to the past

Some seasons are cold and fill me with dread
But you have your clothes and a roof over your head
A comfy cosy home, all snug and secure
How lucky are you, a luxury for sure

As a tree I feel lucky as I shed my autumn clothes
A chance to start again, to face whatever life bestows
The same goes for you, sat there feeling dreary
You can recreate yourself whenever life gets weary

Guess what, you’re not a tree, if you don’t like where life’s at
Do something about it, there is nothing wrong in that
Dust off the negativity, take a leap into the unknown
You’ll be pleasantly surprised how your confidence has grown

Use the fancy china, wear the special dress
Don’t wait for special days or people to impress
Start up a new hobby, join a group or two
There’s so much out there just waiting for you

Don’t wait for passing seasons to live a better life
Change jobs if needed to get away from current strife
Remind yourself how clever and beautiful you are
Your future will be bright, you really will go far

© Maxine Bailey
November 2021

About the author

Maxine Bailey
1261 Up Votes
I absolutely love writing poems. Enjoying my garden and my dogs. I used to be an Age UK Befriender, which I would thoroughly recommend to anybody. So rewarding

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