Smiles in the Supermarket Aisles

Smiles in the Supermarket Aisles

I really miss seeing smiles in the supermarket
Hidden behind masks, expression departed
Almost impossible to read a stranger’s face
Trying to decipher eye language in its place

With faces covered, just what are they feeling?
Is it laughter or sadness that mask is concealing
They say that eyes are the windows to the soul
But true expression is revealed by your face as a whole

That mask covering your face hides the cheeky grin
When someone else smiles, your own smile begins
I can’t see your smirk, your happiness or beaming mirth
But I know wearing masks have proved their worth

Discard The Mask Day, it can’t come soon enough
So I can see your chuckle, snigger, giggle, laugh
To see smiles in the supermarket once more
Will delight me throughout my trolley chore.

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