Tech Trek

Tech Trek

These days there is always an app
Technological service is forever on tap
Some apps serve a purpose
Others are superfluous
There are those that are completely madcap!

Now it’s useful to identify plants
Or get the directions to your aunt’s
Tracking sharks
Role-playing aardvarks
And the macabre zombie coffin dance!

A handy app to correct spelling & grammar
Speech therapy to help correct your stammer
Creating fake chat
Or battling cute cats
And even simulating your virtual grandma!

It’s helpful to know weather conditions
Improve health with digital dietitians
Tap a fake screen crack
Feed apples to a yak
Or play the sweet confection connection!

A weirdly useful app called Runpee
Tells you best time to pee in a movie
You play Face Slap
Install a button for crap
Or devour a city as a big-eyed bee!

Our phones connect to such bizarre tech
To dabble too long is a total mind-wreck
If you yearn to Dig Dog
Or find a Hampshire Hog
Then your appstore is an inspiring tech trek!

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