Their Best Try

Their Best Try

A sunny day in April, just a gentle breeze,
I sit quietly on the patio, watching birds and bees.
Small clouds like cotton wool, drift slowly through the sky,
Peaceful puffs of fluffy white, as they sail serenely by.

The year is twenty twenty one, my seventy fifth on earth,
A mixture of good and bad, of sadness and of mirth.
I’ve watched the human race progress, new inventions by the score,
I’ve watched the rich get richer, watched the struggles by the poor.

I’m quite glad I’m neither, just somewhere in between,
Serving in the army, riding escort to the queen.
Bringing up a family, trying to do it right.
Learning when to back down, or when to stand and fight.

The older generation, and there are many, just like me,
wonder what the future holds, for their family tree.
If we could travel back in time, and take our family too,
Just to show them first hand, the things we used to do.

We want young ones to have a future, not live their lives in fear,
To experience life as we did, when we’re no longer here.
They’ll need to face the problems, that the modern world presents,
They’ll need to have the courage, to not just sit on the fence.

We want them to have a future, without restrictions, doom and gloom,
Have fun with friends and family, and not just rely on Zoom.
So I sit quietly on the patio, deep in thought as clouds float by,
Hoping that they don’t just give up, but give it their best try.

©️Martin Silvester 30/4/21.

About the author

Martin Silvester
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Not a lot to tell...just an ordinary man...always loved writing but never had the time until now...hope I've got a few years left to write about the million things I would like to get down on paper be it in poetry form or just plain old story telling. Just in case anyone would like me to come along to their group and read a few of my poems live..I would be happy to do so within the confines of Kent or Sussex...I would just need to cover my time and petrol a cup of tea and a biscuit. Just email [email protected] To answer some of your questions= ex-army..ex -jackeroo...ex-builder..ex-quite a few other things..still rocking...married...2 + 3 children...7 custard creams. I have now published my first collection of poems which are now available on Amazon under the title of..LAST APPLE ON THE TREE. The book consists of twenty seven poems covering a wide range of topics and emotions. My second book has just been published and is called A BREEZE IN THE WILLOWS, also available on Amazon. I hope that everyone will get as much enjoyment reading them, as I did writing them.

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