After getting my arm stuck between bedside cabinet and bed for twenty minutes, you’d think I’d learn but apparently not…..

A Warning

Instead of sadly thinking ‘bout places you can’t  go
I have a very handy tip, which I want you to know
Fill the day with cleaning and other put off chores
Clearing out the garage or scrubbing concrete floors

But don’t go turning mattresses, ‘cos I got mine quite stuck
Trapped twix fitted wardrobes, I just ran out of luck
Safety rules ignored, I relied on push and pull
If someone says it’s easy, then they are talking ’bull’

It doesn’t just flip over, it isn’t even light
It doesn’t give in gracefully…it requires a mighty  fight
Just have a little think of what to do instead
For if you value life and limb……..do not  reverse your bed

Glenys Halliday

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I have always written poetry but when my husband died suddenly I used it as a kind of therapy. I don’t usually share these unless I feel they will help someone in distress. The ones I share are mostly humorous intended to bring a smile in what I feel can be a very lonely world... I have written four booklets and now a Corona chronicles which is just twelve poems writ while I am in jail...oh sorry I meant lockdown. Am on my way for a second booklet.. Trying to make folk smile and take a minutes release from these difficult times helps me forget my sight problems..

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