What shall I do?

Am I the only one who’s more confused than ever

What is the Best Solution?

It’s Christmas 2020, they are giving us a truce
But can you answer honestly, will it be of any use?
Should I take the opportunity to catch up with friends and kin
If result is that by February we’ll all be locked back in

They’re likening it to World War Two, when soldiers played a game
Of football out in no man’s land, but it’s nothing like the same
Those men had stopped their killing, that’s not what we would do
As this virus takes no holidays, it aims to conquer you

Stealthily and silently, with no intent on ceasing
All the war deaths halted, but ours would be increasing
Working out the families, then totting up the score
May cause upset if some invited and others must ignore

Think it may be easier to just stay home alone
Exchange your Christmas greeting via zoom or telephone.
Yes you could meet folk and party, the choice is up to you
Though it may be safer ………..to have summer turkey barbecue

…….hopefully, we will have a couple of sunny summer  days

Glenys Halliday

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I have always written poetry but when my husband died suddenly I used it as a kind of therapy. I don’t usually share these unless I feel they will help someone in distress. The ones I share are mostly humorous intended to bring a smile in what I feel can be a very lonely world... I have written four booklets and now a Corona chronicles which is just twelve poems writ while I am in jail...oh sorry I meant lockdown. Am on my way for a second booklet.. Trying to make folk smile and take a minutes release from these difficult times helps me forget my sight problems..

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