When inspiration strikes you

When Words Strike You

Word seeds are sowing
Thoughts are flowing
Poetry is knowing
Words are ongoing

Write it down quick!
Give words a kick!
Thoughts flowing thick
Hurry, so words stick

Keep a handy pen
And a notebook – or ten
For those times when
Inspiration strikes again

Peace and quiet
Is my poetry diet
I’m totally reliant
Being perfectly silent

Quick here it comes
All fingers and thumbs
Words like loud drums
A poem it becomes!

Pen at top speed
Rapid fingers I need
As thoughts are freed
It’s a word stampede

Phew! – Wrote it down
No need to frown
Adjective, verb, noun
Still got that poetry crown

Read it through first
My word outburst
Does it satisfy the thirst
For poetry and verse?

Yes! That’s it. Done
Til the next is begun
Poetry will come
Words will overun

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