Where do all the Odd Socks go?

Where do all the Odd Socks go?

They go in paired and come out single
Those odd socks drive us to despair
Our socks plot together as they spin
Decide which’ll be travelling underwear

Imagine the path of the adventurous sock
To the world where odd socks go
Through a rip in the fabric of reality
Via a tumble dryer portal they flow

There’s a parallel dimension in your washer
Whisking odd socks through time and space
Freed from a life of stretching and holes
And the sweaty feet of the human race

As more odd socks travel the journey
And gather in this brave new SockWorld
Being ‘odd sock out’ won’t matter anymore
All their differences will be uncurled

Odd socks will party like never before
To celebrate release from cheesy smells
At SocktoberFest they drink to the single life
And dance footloose-less, raising sock hell

But what of the odd socks left behind
Resigned to life as a sock outcast
A hopeless wait for odd sock reunion
Being a pair is a thing of the past

Time for the human race to step in (literally!)
Rescue those lonely socks, so vilified
Gather in our forlorn twinless socks
And wear your Odd Socks with pride!

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