The wisteria is out all along the bay window.
Dripping branches loaded with blue blossoms swinging and swaying in the hazy day.
The birds singing in the background, the sun is hot and there is just a little breeze that dances through the air.
May time.

Who would have thought last week was so cold and now the sun has made its first real appearance.
Two magpies arguing and dancing to each other.
Trees loaded with blossom line the avenue.
In the distance you can hear children’s voices from the nearby school.

The blossom is now being blown like snow down the street.
The sun is so warm and welcoming.
Today is slightly different.
The sky is overcast and black heavy clouds are rolling across it.

There is a chill in the breeze that stirs the bushes and whispers across the tops of the trees.
There is a small patch of blue sky trying to expand its size but is being overtaken by the grey clouds.
The trees and bushes in the gardens make a wonderful sight.
A tapestry of colours all the greens that ever could be painted, interweave and jostle their leaves shivering in the cooling wind.

A wood pigeon is siting in the branches above me, turning and flapping in the breeze.
Now flying off with that sound of wings that always make me think they need oiling.
Doves coo incessantly and the sun has managed to break free spreading its warming glow over us.

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Lived and worked in Essex all my life, moved to Staffs, what a lovely place to retire to! My husband has also taken early retirement and we are enjoying living in our new home with our little dog. Trying to finish a short novel I have been writing for a number of years. 2017 Finished my book at last! have ppublished it and now am well on the way with the second one!

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