You’ll never get a no!

Someone once said to me..use it or lose it!! This is so true, of all the ways available to me to keep fit as I get older I have found dancing to be the perfect choice for me. Le Roc ticks so many boxes, it’s smooth, it’s fun and it’s sociable….Rock On!

You’ll never get a no!

When you walk into a dance hall, you can leave the world outside,
You forget about your problems, as you sit along one side.
Every one has come to dance, just look at all their toes,
Every foot is tapping, as the rhythmic music flows.

Le-Roc is what you came for and Le-Roc is what you’ll get,
So you line up for the lesson, with new people that you’ve met.
The instructor and her partner, run through a move or two,
And you meet the other dancers, it doesn’t matter if you’re new.

When the lessons ended, you’re warmed up, ready to dance,
And you’re feeling glad Le-Roc came here, all the way from France.
So you find a willing partner and you move out on the floor,
The rhythm flows between you, when it ends you just want more.

So you find another partner, your Adrenalin is high,
When two people dance in unison they don’t even have to try.
They move in perfect harmony and the moves just seem to flow,
No matter if the track is fast, no matter if it’s slow.

Every ones so friendly, there’s no time for moans and groans,
And everyone is dancing, not sitting playing on their phones.
The floor is always busy, people swaying too and fro,
And because you are, all here to dance, you’ll never get a NO!!

So as the evening moves along, you dance and dance and dance,
And as before, you are so pleased, Le-Roc came here from France.
It matters not that you came alone, there are others just the same,
It’s guaranteed at the evenings end, you’ll be so glad, you came!

Everyone is welcome, you don’t need any special kit,
It really is a brilliant way, to keep your body fit.
You don’t have to book, just sign in when you arrive,
You’ll make new friends, and laugh a lot, if you decide to learn to jive.

© Martin Silvester 10/10/2018.

About the author

Martin Silvester
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Not a lot to tell...just an ordinary man...always loved writing but never had the time until now...hope I've got a few years left to write about the million things I would like to get down on paper be it in poetry form or just plain old story telling. Just in case anyone would like me to come along to their group and read a few of my poems live..I would be happy to do so within the confines of Kent or Sussex...I would just need to cover my time and petrol a cup of tea and a biscuit. Just email [email protected] To answer some of your questions= ex-army..ex -jackeroo...ex-builder..ex-quite a few other things..still rocking...married...2 + 3 children...7 custard creams. I have now published my first collection of poems which are now available on Amazon under the title of..LAST APPLE ON THE TREE. The book consists of twenty seven poems covering a wide range of topics and emotions. My second book has just been published and is called A BREEZE IN THE WILLOWS, also available on Amazon. I hope that everyone will get as much enjoyment reading them, as I did writing them.

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