Your Loyal and Trusted Friends

We must show a little appreciation for the most valued member of the household. Three cheers!

Your Loyal and Trusted Friends

You always find them sitting there, they’ll never let you down,
keen to greet you from the start, whenever you’re around.
There’s never any question, they’re resolute and loyal,
Just pleased that they can serve you, as though you were a royal.

They’d never criticise your look, they’ve never once complain,
just there to serve your every need, time and time again.
Even when you’re careless by taking them there outside,
they never turn their back on you, they take it in their stride.

Sometimes, when you treat them bad, in the most neglectful way,
they never falter from your path, they’re clearly here to stay.
Not recognised for what they give, with no gratitude expressed,
for the comfort that they give to you, you’re truly really blessed.

Humble in most everyway, they seek no earthly fame,
just treat them like two special friends, but treat them both the same.
Let them nurture you with love, they’re really hard to beat,
your slippers are your faithful friends as they mould around your feet!

© Teresa Harrison-Best

October 2021

About the author

Teresa H-B
2988 Up Votes
Happily married with three grown up children. Proud grandmother to six and enjoying every minute. I had my first book published several years ago called Catawall, fluent in feline. Recently I had a children's book published, Mackerel and the Jolly Daisy, scourge of the high seas, published by i2i Publishing, I am a prolific writer about many things and often post on both my own FB page and the FB page for Catawall. I am a great advocate for animals and anyone less fortunate than myself.

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