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HelloFresh operates a subscription-based meal plan service, delivering fresh ingredients and recipes straight to customers’ doorsteps.

HelloFresh is now the leading global provider of fresh food at home. They aim to provide each and every household in their 11 markets with the opportunity to enjoy wholesome home-cooked meals with no planning, no shopping and no hassle required. Everything required for weeknight meals is carefully planned, locally sourced, and delivered to the customer’s door at the most convenient time for them.

Food Waste

When HelloFresh began they saw a two-fold opportunity in the challenge of food waste. By creating a system whereby customers order their meals in advance, they are able to only order what they need from suppliers (with a small buffer) and in turn they only send customers what they need to cook their meals. The result has been reduced inventory cost, a dramatic reduction in food waste in the supply chain and a reduction of food waste for customers (which continues to be one of the most cited benefits of using their service).

Inventory optimization and increasingly accurate forecasting mean that less than 1% of their purchased ingredients constitute unsold “buffer”. Of this amount they are able to provide any surplus to a number of local charities and community kitchens as so that any waste is reduced to a bare minimum.


Packaging improvements have always been a priority to HelloFresh operations team around the world and the balance they always strive for is between the amount of packaging and the need to maintain food quality and safety (and thereby reduce food waste). HelloFresh recently joined the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, a pre-competitive collaborative that believes in the power of industry to make packaging more sustainable. This membership provides exposure to cutting edge developments in sustainable packaging through two annual member events where HelloFresh is collaborating with industry partners to find better packaging solutions.

HelloFresh Boxes & Plastic

There has recently been 453 tons of cardboard reductions made in Germany and the UK following a box optimization process. HelloFresh have been working on plastic packaging from two separate angles. The first is by reducing the overall amount of plastic. For example, in the UK HelloFresh are replacing larger plastic trays for certain vegetables and meat with ‘skin packs’ that use less material. The second is by systematically replacing plastic that is more difficult to recycle with plastic that can be widely recycled.

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