10% discount with CJ Wildlife

CJ Wildlife are Europe’s leading garden wildlife specialists, offering a one stop shop for all your garden wildlife needs.  Place your order today and save 10%.

CJ Wildlife offer a wide variety of high-quality products for garden birds, hedgehogs, squirrels, bats and insects.

They deliver products direct to your door to help you create the perfect wildlife garden, from bird food, to wildlife friendly perennial plants to informative books and identification charts.

The majority of their wild bird and wildlife foods are produced at their Shropshire farm using only the highest quality ingredients. These include their highly nutritious Peanut Cakes,  Sunflower Hearts, Peanuts and Nyjer Seed, and their own bird seed mixes, such as Hi-Energy No Mess and Vitality Mix.

CJ Wildlife has a wide selection of bird feeders to suit any garden, including the squirrel proof feeder guardian range – available for seed feeders, peanut feeders and suet/fat feeders.

In addition to foods, CJs manufacture and supply their own nest boxes/bird boxes, hedgehog houses, squirrel houses and frog bunkers, as well as insect habitats and bat boxes.

They also stock products which make great gifts, and if you are struggling to choose, gift vouchers are also available.

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